Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hi everyone!  I have decided to begin posting updates about my shop regularly here along with other woolywire tips and ideas.  =)

I would like to begin with introducing newcomers who haven't had much experience using woolywire by listing a series of woolywire tutorials I have scoured over the internet to find.  Learning new techniques for making jewelry can be tricky within itself let alone trying to also learn how to use a completely new and different product; I am hoping these tutorials will be helpful to those just learning or possibly even those who are hesitant to try woolywire for that reason!  =)

I will try to list these tutorials in order beginning with the most basic techniques, then progressing to the more difficult techniques.  Also, if anyone has any questions regarding woolywire and/or these techniques, please feel free to comment here or contact me at:




The first tutorial I would like to begin with is simply ending your woolywire.  Part of the process used for making the woolywire involves felting it which helps adhere the fiber to the wire better, although there may still be some fraying at the end of the wire after cutting it.  I sell a fraying glue called Fray Check in my shop, although there are other brands available for this as well.

This tutorial has been made by Genea from GeneaBeads on

This next tutorial written at shows how to make a simple pendant with woolywire wrapped around a channel bead by Nunn Design:

Another similar technique can also be found in this tutorial by Linda Landig of Linda Landig Jewelry at Art Jewelry Elements:

For those who would like to keep it simple, the woolywire can also be wrapped directly onto the pendant as a single layer rather than twisting or braiding it:

This next tutorial shows how to make a simple link using woolywire written by Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio at Art Jewelry Elements:

For those who would like to add more texture to your woolywire links, there is a tutorial showing how to make links using fabric along with woolywire done by Heather Powers of Humblebeads on the Art Bead Scene blog:

Here is a nice little tip/tutorial by Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio at Art Jewelry Elements showing how to make fancy charms/finished ends using woolywire:

Here is a tutorial by Limabeads demonstrating how to make a simple wrap bracelet using woolywire:

More woolywire ideas by Linda Landig of Linda Landig Jewelry at Art Jewelry Elements using techniques featured in the book "The Missing Link" by Cindy Wimmer:

Finally to sum everything up, last but not least, here is another tutorial by Limabeads showing how to make some interesting earrings using woolywire:

I hope you all have enjoyed this brief tour of woolywire tutorials; a big thanks to all of those who have contributed their knowledge and expertise of jewelry-making with woolywire!

I also plan to post tutorials in the future showing other techniques including how to make this link:

Be sure to stay tuned for future updates including this tutorial; I would like to post regularly at least once a week if not more; I may try to pick one or two specific days of the week to post.  =)

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  1. I just made my first pair of earrings with WW! I love the stuff! *kermit flail!* Pardon the crappy photo, just took it for my records:

    1. Oh wow these are lovely! Thanks so much for showing off your beautiful woolywire creation! =) I've been actually thinking for my next contest I will have for those who have made jewelry with the woolywire and they have to show pics of what they have made...hmmm...=P

    2. Oh, that would be great, not only do I really enjoy seeing what other people do, I find the inspiration really useful! :)

    3. I agree; I'm hoping this would be a way to get a lot of people out their to share their wonderful jewelry creations. =)

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